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Posted by: Red Gold Feb 9 2014, 07:41 AM
The tournament is over. We crowned a brandnew hottest redhead for 2014.
It was a competition full of surprises. I had never expected Alicia Witt would be the winner in the end.

My original pick to win this was Jessica Chastain, because I think she is gorgeous. Plus she was nomineed for the Oscar last year. But she got eliminated in round #1 right away! That was a shocker to me.

Then I thought: You know, Amy Adams has been a favorite around here for so many years plus she is nominated for the Oscars in 2014, so she is the top contender this time. And at first she was doing great, but then cute little Molly Quinn threw her out.

I love Molly and now I thought she might win this thing twice in a row, but I voted against her and favored Alicia Witt, even though Isla Fisher could have won just aswell.

Anyway, this little board game of ours kept me guessing all the time. It was fun and I am very pleased with the outcome. Like someone said: With this tournament and all the beautiful redheads in it we (the fans and members) are all winners and we just can't loose.

But do you guys all agree and feel the same? Or do you think the torny left something to be desired? Would you have prefered Molly Quinn or Isla Fisher to win? Or maybe someone else?

I think it's nearly impossible to win this twice in a row. And when some lady is extremely popular around here, there is always a backlash. I wouldn't wonder if Alicia Witt gets eliminated rather early next year.

Your thoughts?

Posted by: The Stig Feb 9 2014, 09:00 AM
My thoughts have always been that once a person wins, they should be in eligible to win again. That keeps us moving forward. I think that if Previous winners had been left off the list. Maybe some of the other names like Amy Adams,Heather Christensen,Jessica Chastain.. ect would have gotten a lot further, or possibly won.

Overall, I think we ran it well. I wasn't happy with the winner, but I was happy that it wasn't a repeat winner.

Posted by: chazz Feb 9 2014, 11:14 PM
I'd like to have stricter rules about which redheads are nominated because I think it keeps a lot of deserving redheads from the tournament.

I'm happy with Alicia winning but I would have been just as happy had Isla won.

Posted by: Red Gold Feb 10 2014, 03:31 AM
QUOTE (chazz @ Feb 10 2014, 05:14 AM)
I'd like to have stricter rules about which redheads are nominated because I think it keeps a lot of deserving redheads from the tournament.

Yes, we should work on that. And I am willing to let alot of names go that I nominated this time. So this will be the last time that I nominated them.

Posted by: reyzor Feb 17 2014, 03:23 PM
It was the first I participated in, and while none of my favorites even got close I had fun with it.

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