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 Changing your start menu, a quick and easy guide to customising
 Posted: Oct 5 2010, 06:56 PM
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I had a few people PM me lately asking for directions on how i got the custom start menu button on my desktop...

So instead of sending seperate PM's each time, i thought i'd actually write out a guide for people so they could create their own start menu buttons to use...

So this is how your start menu normally looks... It's alight i guess, bit boring...

user posted image

And i'm going to show you how to turn it into something like this...

user posted image

Ok, first things first...

You need:

Custom Start button icons (.bmp). You can download them from the internet or make your own using this for a template... They must be in the following order:

1) When the button is not in use
2) When mouse pointer is over the button
3) When button is clicked

user posted image

Download Resource Hacker utility from here to help you in editing the .exe file

1) Open C:\ drive and Take Ownership of the Windows folder

user posted image

2) Open Resource Hacker and open the file explorer.exe through it which is located in the C:\Windows folder

user posted image

3) Expand Bitmap branch in the left pane

user posted image

4) Now expand 6801 option and right click on 1033 option and select Replace Resource option

5) Click Open file with new bitmap button

user posted image

6) Navigate to the customized (.bmp) image and open it

7) Click Replace button

user posted image

8) Repeat steps 4 to 7 above for the options 6805 and 6809 also

user posted image

9) Now save the file as explorer.exe on the Desktop

10) Now go to the folder C:\Windows and rename the file explorer.exe to explorer.exe.bak. This will act as a backup so that you can restore the default file in future

user posted image

11) Now copy the file explorer.exe on the Desktop to C:\Windows folder

12) Log off and then Log on for the changes to take effect

Hope that answers the questions... here's the start menu animation BMP's I've used so far... if people start creating their own, feel free to post them here so other people can take advantage of the creative types biggrin.gif

user posted image...user posted image...user posted image...user posted image...user posted image...user posted image



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 Posted: Dec 14 2010, 05:42 PM
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I adore the smiley faces Methos!

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