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    Members can "tag"other members in a post.  What this does is turn a username that has been tagged into a link which links directly to that users profile.  An alert is also sent to the username that has been tagged informing them they've been tagged along with a link to the post they've been tagged in.

    Tagging is basically a way of drawing a forum member or members to a post that you want them to see.

    To tag a username in a post you simply place the @ sign in front of the username or names you wish to tag. Like this:

    If the username you wish to tag contains a space you must enclose the username in brackets like this: 

    Some usernames with special characters cannot be tagged, or require the brackets even though they do not contain spaces. Ex: @[username!].  Usernames with brackets cannot be tagged at this time.

    You can also tag a username in the topic description but that will not create a link to that username's profile.  It will just send out an alert that they've been tagged.

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