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 Forum Rules, ***please read ***
 Posted: Jul 6 2011, 11:00 AM
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The Redheaded Goddess Forums Rulebook

The Warning System

At RGF we have a three-tier warning system. The first warning is simply a slap on the wrist. The second warning will result in you being temporarily banned for 7 days. Your third warning will also be your final warning, and will result in your account being permanently banned.

If you chose to return (Which may not be allowed) you will not receive any warnings, and any infractions of the rules will result in your account being banned without notice.

Here are the offences you can be warned for:

This is making a post that adds nothing to the topic. It can be a one-worded reply, or simply a smilie. It could also be talking about stuff irrelevant to the topic, such as using the thread as a MSN convo.

This is a direct attack on a poster. Whether you were provoked or not makes no difference. Flame-fests will not be tolerated, and you would do good to ignore any flame-baiting attempts.

A post that incites the other poster to flame you, be it by bringing up trivial incidents that have no relevancy to the thread, or saying something like “What do you know? You mark for ____”

We will not allow threads to be created to advertise another site except in the 'share your website' forum or in the 'redhead related sites' forum if you have a website, blog, or forum with a redhead theme. You can advertise all you want in your signature. Signature's are not allowed to have large fonts. You may either receive a warning or be permanetly banned depending on severity or your previous history.

Harassment via Private Messages:

Constantly annoying someone via PM’s after they tell you to stop will result in a warning.

Advertising in PM’s:
Just as we don’t allow you to advertise in threads, we don’t allow PM’s to be sent advertising anything. If you advertise by pm you will be instantly banned.

Altering/Multiple Accounts:
Having more than one account at any one time is not allowed. You are not allowed different accounts where you can pretend to be someone else on each one. You are allowed one account and that is it. If you have someone in the same household who also wished to post on RGF, PM an administrator or moderator and tell them, and also include what name they intend to sign up with.

Instant Bans:

Breaking one of these rules can result in an instant, permanent ban.

Racist and other highly derogatory remarks will earn you a permanent ban, straight away, without any previous warnings.

You are not allowed to post pornographic images on the boards, or have it in your profile or signature.

No images or links involving any sexually related content is allowed on this forum. Breaking this rule could result in a warning all the way up to a ban depending on the severity of the violation.

Signature Rules

Signature images are to be no larger than 600 x 200 pixels and only one image is allowed. Please do not use png format as the file size is very large. Try to keep the file size under 100 kilobytes. Text links are allowed but please limit them to 4 lines. All signatures must comply with the forum rules regarding content, therefore linking to pornographic sites or sites promoting Illegal activity is not allowed. The administrator and moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove any signature that does not conform to these rules.

Private Messaging

As the name suggests, this system is private, and thus the normal posting rules do not apply. So therefore, if you have a problem with a poster in a thread, please use the PM system to sort out any differences, rather than doing it in the thread and getting warned. However, if someone asks you to stop with the PM’s and you continue, we will warn you for harassment via PMs.

Also, you cannot randomly advertise via PMs. You will be warned for that, and if you receive an advertising PM, then you can forward it to a moderator, who will take the appropriate actions.

Other Things:

Playing Moderator
If you make posts where you are ‘acting like a mod’ and calling for the thread to be locked and other such things…we will warn you for that. Taking it upon yourself to police the forums is just as annoying as someone breaking the other rules.

Responding to Threads
If you think a thread is “crap” then don’t post in it to say so. If you have nothing constructive to say in a thread, then don’t post. We don’t need 20 posts saying that the thread is useless…by posting, you are keeping the thread bumped up. Crap threads will drop off the forums page if you don’t post in them.


All forum rules above including racim, advertising, flaming, and playing moderator are enforced in the shoutbox.
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