chazz -- The flickr group gets a lot of nice submissions
chazz -- Have I mentioned how I hate Facebook lately? Bastards locked me out of my account again.
chazz -- Nice to see people still checking in here
chazz -- Jredton's subreddit. I'm going to try to post there for a bit
chazz --
chazz -- Here we go again.......
chazz -- my new Facebook page
chazz --
chazz -- if not for that I wouldn't give a shit about it
chazz -- They suck but we do have a huge following there
Red Gold -- screw facebook! never cared about this silly social media thing
chazz --
chazz -- f**k Facebook
chazz -- From here on out I'll be posting to the Redheaded Goddesses Reddit
chazz -- I think i'm just going to be done with Facebook. It's not worth the trouble
chazz -- I'd greatly appreciate it
chazz -- Also if anyone has a way to contact Facebook support such as an email address
chazz -- He's having trouble making me admin again at the page
chazz -- Is there anyone here I can trust with admin access to the Facebook page? I need to see if Stig can make someone admin temporarily
chazz -- Grrrrrrr! Got locked out of Facebook
FCRed -- Woohoo biggrin.gif
chazz -- FCRed is in da house! lol
chazz -- I have no idea. I'll have to do some research
Red Gold -- what image service do you recommend now?
Red Gold -- So the Imagebam pics are not down... but I can't access my galleries
chazz -- Thanks!
Lord Arion -- Congradulations on the Redheaded Goddesses Facebook getting 100k likes!
chazz -- those images are hosted on someone else's photobucket account
chazz -- It's not just a matter of me upgrading photobucket either
chazz -- Don't think I have the time to do it with the other skins