chazz -- Yeah the main reason I don't post much anymore is because a lot of the file grabbers no longer work
montyman -- if I had the time and the files were easier to grab then it would be OK.
montyman -- a lot of the caps won't upload via bulk loaders and I have to manually up each pic, even then a lot don't exist anymore. If I ah
montyman -- hard enough just doing mine, thanks,
chazz -- I mean in the Kari Byron thread
chazz -- Then you could edit all the posts if you wanted to
chazz -- Monty are you quoting my posts and reupping? You should have reminded me to make you a moderator
montyman -- re-upped all my stuff from begining to june 2014, so just need to fill in between then and Nov 2016 still
chazz -- Nice job monty
montyman -- re-upped from present back to Nov '16 including all of the WRP caps
chazz -- Could be but most likely they're not making enough money from ads to sustain the service
montyman -- Looks like they maybe had some legal problems with a torrent site or something and they prempted any haste by closing
chazz -- then again I never thought imagebam would fold since they've been around so long
chazz -- Imageupper has been around for awhile
montyman -- just have to hope the hosts i used stay with us, I used PiXhost and imgur
chazz -- Your efforts are very much appreciated montyman
montyman -- just re-uploaded 750 pics, dam my hand is tired, will continue tommorow
chazz -- Still sucks that we're going to lose a ton of pics...
chazz -- John the owner of this forum's host mentioned something about maybe setting an image host just for these forums only
chazz -- I've sent out a bulk email letting everyone know about those hosts closing
chazz -- imagehosts are a dime a dozen these days and the only way to make money it seems is to use annoying pop up ads
chazz -- sell
chazz -- I wonder if they even made any attemps to see
Red Gold -- That#s some sad news. I got so many galleries uploaded on imagebam!
montyman -- too true, only way is to open and save every pic in the mean time until a better source/uploader can be found or appears. time to go out and by a couple of new HDs
chazz -- that's going to hurt a lot of celebrity forums
chazz -- Imagebam currently won't even let me access my pics
chazz -- There really is no time to reup all those pics so it it what it is
chazz -- Linked tweets should be fine
chazz -- oh man, that's even worse since I have so many pics here hosted on imagebam