chazz -- I have no idea. I'll have to do some research
Red Gold -- what image service do you recommend now?
Red Gold -- So the Imagebam pics are not down... but I can't access my galleries
chazz -- Thanks!
Lord Arion -- Congradulations on the Redheaded Goddesses Facebook getting 100k likes!
chazz -- those images are hosted on someone else's photobucket account
chazz -- It's not just a matter of me upgrading photobucket either
chazz -- Don't think I have the time to do it with the other skins
chazz -- The default skin should be fine as I hosted all those skins images here
chazz -- photobucket is disabling hotlinking unless you're willing to pay a ridiculous fee
chazz -- Some of the forum skins may not be useable much longer
chazz --
Shimmer -- She was aiming for purple but it looks red to me, I'll take it
Shimmer -- So after all these years my missus has finally (kinda) gone red
chazz -- I'd have a hard time trusting those image hosts not to shutdown
montyman -- that is both good news and pisses me off after all that work
chazz -- Imgbox as well
chazz -- Looks like imagebam is staying
chazz -- Yeah the main reason I don't post much anymore is because a lot of the file grabbers no longer work
montyman -- if I had the time and the files were easier to grab then it would be OK.
montyman -- a lot of the caps won't upload via bulk loaders and I have to manually up each pic, even then a lot don't exist anymore. If I ah
montyman -- hard enough just doing mine, thanks,
chazz -- I mean in the Kari Byron thread
chazz -- Then you could edit all the posts if you wanted to
chazz -- Monty are you quoting my posts and reupping? You should have reminded me to make you a moderator
montyman -- re-upped all my stuff from begining to june 2014, so just need to fill in between then and Nov 2016 still
chazz -- Nice job monty
montyman -- re-upped from present back to Nov '16 including all of the WRP caps
chazz -- Could be but most likely they're not making enough money from ads to sustain the service
montyman -- Looks like they maybe had some legal problems with a torrent site or something and they prempted any haste by closing