chazz -- Nice to see some people making their way back to the forum.......
deviant -- "May the 4th be with you"! (Watching all the Star Wars today)
chazz --
deviant -- Good morning everyone!
chazz --
notsure@all -- simone
chazz -- #makethisforumgreatagain
chazz -- I feel bad that I don't put the time and effort into this forum that I used to
Red Gold -- Shadowhunters is a silly show, but Kat McNamara is hot!
notsure@all -- simone
reyzor -- Little late, but Happy New Year!
The Stig -- New year, more beer.
chazz -- Happy New Year Kat!
ShadowKatCosplay -- Hi lovelies, Happy New Year!
mbanes3 -- I'm mostly surprised Ryon kept it quiet tongue.gif
chazz -- Wow, I'll say. Had no idea.
Gulftastic -- Feleicia Day is three weeks off having a baby! She kept that quiet.
chazz -- Hopefully activity here picks up this year
Red Gold -- yeah, it's a good thing that the Christmas markets will all close on Friday
chazz -- Really sad about that terrorist attack. Be safe.
chazz -- Awesome
Red Gold -- I gave a beautiful redhead on a Christmas market my phone number! biggrin.gif Let's see if she answers
The Stig -- I've been watching "The White Rabbit Project" all morning. Kari has put on some weight, but looks very good. I've also spied a tat on her shoulder.
chazz --
Red Gold -- You haven't lost me, it's just this whole Christmas craze!
chazz -- If we lose Red Gold that's not a good sign for the forum....
chazz -- Hmmm. I haven't seen Red Gold online for awhile
chazz -- She's FCRed here on the forum
chazz --
chazz -- Mandy could use some help